How Many Shingles a Roofing Square Covers

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Do you know how many shingles a roofing square covers? A square of shingles is simply the total number of shingles required to cover a particular area on your roof. They come in many sizes, but typically, three bundles are sold per square.

Roofing Square Covers

Also, the number of shingles per square will vary depending on the type of roofing material used. Clay tiles and concrete shingles will cover approximately eighty squares per bundle, while other types may reach up to 160.


Roofs of various shapes, sizes, and pitches all require different bundles of shingles. It is important to know the approximate number of bundles needed to cover your roof before buying shingles flat roof Scunthorpe. Your roof’s slope and pitch will determine the number of bundles required.

How Many Shingles a Roofing Square Covers?

Professional roofers often buy slightly more material than they actually need so they can add on when necessary. You can use the Roof Shingles Calculator to estimate the number of squares needed to cover your roof.

The most basic method of estimating shingles for a particular roof is to divide the total square footage by 100. So, if your roof is 1,800 square feet, you’ll need approximately eighteen roofing squares. You’ll also need to consider the pitch of the roof, as higher roof pitches require more shingles.

This process is much easier than you might think. A roof calculator can help you calculate the total square footage of a roof without having to spend an hour measuring every shingle square.