Zerorez Carpet Cleaning: What Do You Need to Know?

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You may have heard of Zerorez (r) carpet cleaning, but what is it and why should you use it? The company’s low-pressure cleaning process gets to the root of carpet fibers and doesn’t damage the backing of the carpet. The zero-water method also dries your carpet in hours instead of days. They offer a specific service for black lines around baseboards and other dark traffic patterns. Read on to learn about their cleaning process and why it’s so special.

No $15 disposable fee

If you have a pet, you probably know how difficult it is to keep the floor coverings clean, and you may be wondering how Zerorez can solve your problem. Unlike other carpet cleaning services, Zerorez will clean your carpet and leave it cleaner than when it first arrived. They also treat pet stains and odor. While most cleaning services will use harmful detergents and soaps, Zerorez will neutralize those substances. The company also specializes in cleaning some types of area rugs.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

One of the benefits of Zerorez carpet cleaning is the environmental fee. Most traditional carpet cleaning services use detergents, soaps, and chemicals to clean your carpet. This residue sticks to the carpet and attracts dirt Zerorez is the only company that uses 100% non-toxic cleaning products to get your carpet clean. The only other way to make your carpet cleaner is to use steam. That way, Zerorez can get to all the dirt on the carpet.

Environmentally friendly

Zerorez is an Indianapolis carpet cleaning service that uses an environmentally-friendly formula to clean your carpet. Instead of using harsh chemicals or soaps, Zerorez uses water that is softened, electrolyzed, and oxidized. This process does not leave any soapy residue, making your carpets cleaner for longer. What’s more, the formula is safe for children and pets, and will not harm your carpets or the environment.

Traditional carpet cleaning methods use harsh chemicals, detergents, and high-pressure steam to clean carpets. They force water and chemicals through the pad and subfloor, leaving behind a residue and a longer drying time. Zerorez’s environmentally friendly cleaning process will help extend the life of your carpet by preventing premature re-soiling. Zerorez(r) is one of the most effective Richmond carpet cleaning services available.

Pet odor removal

Whether your pet is a small dog or a giant cat, the odor left behind by a pet’s poop or urine can leave your carpet in bad shape. Fortunately, Zerorez carpet cleaning removes pet odors without damaging the fibers of your carpet. Zerorez technicians use a proprietary cleaning solution called ZeroStink, a non-toxic, food-grade cleaner that’s NSF-certified by the Public Health and Safety Organization. Using a truck-mounted cleaning system, the technicians also use ZR Clean to remove everyday dirt. This means you can add pet odor removal treatments to your regular carpet cleaning schedule.

Zerorez carpet cleaning removes pet odors with a process that targets urine stains below the surface of the fibers. Most carpet cleaning companies do not treat pet stains this way because they can’t reach the subfloor. Zerorez is a highly effective carpet cleaning solution for this type of stain, as it penetrates the carpet to get rid of deep-seated stains and residue. The Zerorez process also improves carpet drying times and leaves no residue.

High water pressure

Using high water pressure when cleaning your carpets can damage the backing and create unsightly stains. Zerorez uses a low-pressure system that cleans the carpet fibers without damaging the backing. Because Zerorez uses less water, your carpet will dry faster than other carpet cleaning methods. Moreover, the high water pressure used by traditional cleaners will damage the carpet backing, which is a major cause of discoloration.

The Zerorez method uses low-pressure cleaning that uses less than half of the amount of water traditional methods use. This technique allows the Zerorez cleaning fluid to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers without soaking into the backing. Since Zerorez does not use soaps or other harsh chemicals, your carpet will dry quickly, making it ready for foot traffic in as little as two hours. Traditional carpet cleaning methods rely on detergents and other toxic chemicals. The detergents remain in the fibers, acting as a magnet for dirt.

High alkaline detergent

Natural fibers are especially sensitive to high pH and need a milder approach to carpet cleaning than synthetic fibers. High alkaline cleaners should be rinsed away with water that is neutral or slightly acidic to protect the natural fibers. Acid rinse is the most common method for neutralizing the pH of a carpet. This chemical solution is mild and gentle on natural fibers, but it may be too aggressive for synthetic fibers.

Another disadvantage of using high pH cleaners is that they can worsen cellulosic browning, which causes brown spots in carpets after the cleaning process. In addition, high pH chemical products also leave behind a sticky residue, which not only hurts the appearance of the carpet, but also makes it more difficult to clean. The residue may also increase the carpet’s pH level, making it harder to clean. This makes the use of high alkaline detergent for carpet cleaning a waste of money.

High temperature

Unlike other carpet cleaners, Zerorez uses low pressure to penetrate the fibers of your carpet and remove soil and allergens without harming the backing. Zerorez also uses only half the amount of water as other cleaners, and the process will leave your carpet dry in just a few hours. Additionally, Zerorez provides specific services for removing black lines around baseboards and dark areas with high traffic. You can also call Zerorez for a free consultation if you have a pet.

Carpets that have been in contact with high temperatures can be ruined by deep stains. Most cleaning solutions are based on harsh detergents that leave soapy residue that attracts more dirt and oil. Chemicals are also harmful to fine fabrics. Zerorez provides a permanent solution without leaving any soap residue, meaning your carpet will look cleaner for longer. Zerorez carpet cleaning is an excellent choice for those concerned with the environment or the health of their family.